Friday, September 12, 2008

Deep(er) Thoughts from Moi

I recently read a book that mentioned 5 types of healing. Now, don't y'all jump on me for not getting everything just right. . .You know I hate confrontation. Anyway, according to the book, they are: 1) body's own natural healing, such as immunity, 2) actual miracles, 3) technology/ medical healing, 4) healing of attitude, and 5) death. This was not meant to start a spiritual argument. My point is, I had never really thought of the last two as healing. How often I need a healing of my attitude when I would rather God just "take care of it." When my grandmother died, it was a healing. I know she went to heaven, and it was such a comfort to all of us (I'm sure even the mentally unbalanced ones. . .but that's another story). Ok, I promise not to get too deep for awhile. . .maybe. What's been on your mind? Hope all have a GREAT weekend, and don't forget to pray for everyone displaced by the hurricane.


Erica said...

I had never thought of those as healing either... that's good for the brain today. Thank you!