Monday, September 29, 2008

Focus: Perspective

The Kendrick Clan survived more birthdays this weekend that should be humanly possible. You think I jest. . .Kev turned. . .well, a really large number on Saturday, my nephew turned 12 on Saturday, Kyler turns 8 today, and Kady turned 2 at the beginning of the month. (This does not include Kyler's two best friends, who also have birthdays at the end of September.)

Due to convenience and sanity reasons, we chose to combine Kyler and Kady's birthday parties into one celebration on Sunday. It turned out well. I was so nervous. I am not a great hostess, and our house is TINY. (Ironic, huh, to exaggerate the point, I made the word HUGE. . .I'm weird today, can you tell?) We had way too many people in a too small house, but I think everyone had fun. My friend Martha S. (not her real name, but as close as this non-domestic type will get to the real Martha Stewart, and this one is cheery and fun!) brought her four kids. She reupholsters her own furniture. She homeschools all 4 kids! She bakes. . .like, from scratch! She's amazing!

Martha S. and I were talking about school. She said it was difficult to teach all four kids at different levels (7th grade down to kindergarten). Gee, ya think? I'm not even woman enough to try! She however, can do it, and does it well. She is so good at relating everything in the world as a learning experience. (This is where I tell you your "funny of the day.")

Go back with me four or so years ago. Martha S. and her family went camping with my family. Martha S. and myself had taken the kids and driven up to the showers (when we go camping, we REALLY go camping). Martha S. sees this really neat looking beetle crawling on the floor. It was really unique and very colorful. We had never seen anything like it. She proceeds to teach her kids about it. You know, observing what it does, talking about what it eats, etc. As she is talking, this woman walks into the bathroom, sees the bug, screams, and squishes it. DEAD. As in, beyond recognizable. His buggy momma wouldn't even have recognized him.

It was one of the funniest moments of my life, and Martha S. does not even remember it. To her, it was just another teaching experience. To the lady in the restroom, it was a frightening experience that must be dealt with. I guess everything is relative to your perspective, which is where I'm headed with this post. . .God is teaching me that life is good. Kyler may not make straight A's. He may struggle more than most. He may be slightly. . .oh, who am I kidding, very hyperactive, but he's a good kid. Kady is a good kid. . .even if she wakes me up at 4:30 am to go outside and blow bubbles. (Have you ever tried to explain to a 2 year old that it's too dark to SEE bubbles? This could be the reason for my strange behavior today. . .) Kev is a good husband. Basically, life is good, and God is good. Maybe I just needed a healing of my attitude. . .