Thursday, July 23, 2009

church lady says. . .

Two aunts and an uncle came to have lunch with my parents yesterday. I think they just wanted to make sure we were taking good care of my dad (Harley) since the big medical scare of '09. . .Evidently, we passed, because they have returned home. While they were here, my dad wanted to take his sister, brother, and sister-in-law to tour the church my parents have always attended. (If you know my dad, you understand that last sentence. If you don't, let me just say, my dad is eccentric, and it's amazing I'm THIS normal. . .)

Their church has a food pantry that is open on Wednesday. A friend of theirs was working at the food pantry. We'll call him Jack. Dad explained that they were showing his family the church. Jack said it was a good church--a good place to be. He then told my family, "We're open every day. We're even open on Sunday, Harley."

Speaking of that church, Kyler and Kady have been attending vacation Bible school there this week. Kady is not really old enough, but she doesn't believe that. They kindly let her attend the pre-K class, where she's been fairly attentive. The music portion is quite entertaining. Kady sings at the top of her lungs and dances to her song. Our conversation after VBS last night went like this.

Me: Kady, you did a great job singing!
Kady: Thanks! (and she starts singing. . .)
Me: Kady, on Sunday, you have to sing what the other kids are singing.
Kady: Oh.
Me: You have to make the same hand movements as the other kids, too.
Kady: Oh.
Me (since we're on a roll here. . .): If you look at Mrs. Jennifer, she'll tell you what to sing and what to do with your hands.
Kady: Oh.

Hmmm. Perhaps preparation is not one of my strong suits. . .On the plus side, Kady does appear to make a joyful (Spirit-filled!) noise.

Alright, let's here it. If you noticed the title, you may (or not) have realized that it was based on a Saturday Night Live character. What's your favorite cast or character of SNL? I have a theory on this, so please share. . .


cfoxes said...

My favorite character is Barbra Wawa! Love Gilda Radner!

Erica said...

I'm gonna go "old skool" and say, Linda Richmond. (Was that her last name? It's been a LONG while!) "I'm getting veclempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves." :)
And I always liked the cheerleaders-ya know Will Ferrell and the other girl that I can't remember her name.

Rachel said...

I like the SNL commercials the best!! And Weekend Update.

Okay, I guess I'm boring.