Friday, July 24, 2009

rednecks R us gets married

My boss (AKA Boss Lady) grew up in an even smaller town than me. The county she's from has NO stop lights in it. None. Not even one. She pointed out this engagement announcement yesterday. . .

(Names and places have been hidden to protect privacy. I can assure you this is an ACTUAL engagement announcement in an ACTUAL paper in Arkansas.)

A*** F*** of Etown and R*** F*** of Ltown announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, H*** R*** F***, to C*** L*** Y***, son of S*** and D*** R*** of Ptown and L** Y*** of Pville. The ceremony is planned for 2 p.m. Saturday, July 18 (2009) at Fort D***. Family and friends are invited to attend the ceremony and the reception following and bring a covered dish.

Ok. Let's think about this. You might be a redneck if

  • you request people bring their own food to the reception.

  • you get married at the creek (FYI Boss Lady just confirmed that Fort D*** is a spot on the creek. It's where everyone swims on Piney Creek. I could not make that up.)

  • your tattoos show in the engagement announcement.

  • you have rebel flag tattoos.

  • you are wearing scrubs in your engagement announcement.

  • you wear a shirt that the sleeves have been ripped out.

  • you wear a camouflage hat for said picture.

  • you marry a man that does the above.

Now, help me show these people the love, ok? : )


Jenn said...

Before I moved here, I truly believed that people just made this stuff up. Lordy, do I ever know better now! It sure makes life interesting, though!

Congrats to your boss lady and her redneck! I wish them a long and very happy marriage!

Anonymous said...

hey we might resemble some things in that announcement...and I will go you one better

you might be marrying a redneck if your inlaws show up to the reception, see its in a dry county and throw their own tailgate party in the parking lot...requiring many trips to the parking lot to retrieve said in laws to finish #$%^#$ pictures.
tell em congrats and enjoy it for all its worth!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Disclaimer: Boss Lady is NOT in these pictures. We (Boss Lady and I) do not know these people. Sorry for the confusion!

Rachel said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

That is insanely hilarious!!!

Lela said...

I love this. And to all the people who live elsewhere - yeah, it's real. But that whole covered dish to the reception idea - not so bad if you ask me.