Tuesday, July 28, 2009

quite possibly conspiring to take over the world

My kids fight. There, I said it. I try to stop it. I try to minimize it. I try to referee or interfere or exterminate it. I thought with 6 years between them, the sibling wars would be at a minimum. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. I've spent the last couple of years pretending (to the outside world) that it doesn't happen. I learned yesterday that perhaps I should be more concerned about their getting along in order to conspire together.

Kevin and Kyler worked all day Saturday to clear a wooded area where our new water line will go. (Side note: Just because you ask the well driller and he says he wouldn't drill any deeper, don't believe him. DRILL DEEPER.) With this new water line, I can have a pool, or a jacuzzi, or a professional laundry business, or. . .sorry, I got sidetracked. Where was I? Oh, so, Kevin and Kyler worked hard at clearing the brush out. Kevin let Kyler, our 8-year-old!, drive his old pickup. He let him DRIVE, as in brake and gas and all. Granted, it was just in the yard, but you can understand how a mother might get a little. . .um. . .nervous about something like that, right? Anyway, somehow, my 8-year-old son and husband survived the weekend without any motor vehicle accidents.

Monday morning dawns bright and early. Kady announces she does not want to go to the Best-babysitter-in-the-world's house. Considering we can all be a little cranky in the morning (although that's usually reserved for Kyler and me), I didn't think anything about it. I continued getting ready and slowly started listening to the conversation taking place in my bedroom. Kady was trying to talk Kyler into driving her to see Daddy. Kyler was explaining that it would take 4 hours to get down there, and Daddy would be at work by the time they got there.

My question is this: How worried should I be? And, could you send Kyler home if you notice him cruising by your house, please?


Anonymous said...

I'd rather mine conspire against us than fight. When I told them that it was us against them they nall of a sudden stopped bickering and started getting along. Now as for the driving....I'd have flipped a mutty.

You're 100% right about the deeper well. We have enough water for the neighborhood and our next door neighbor cheaped out and the can't even water the lawn.

Tanielle said...

Oh my heck...too funny!! I would have passed out if my son would have been driving for sure!!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you did, you are adorable!

Berji's domain said...

I can just picture the scene... kid barely able to see above the steering wheel with little sister telling him how he should be driving. Oh dear oh dear.

Punkinhead said...

Kind of a Driving Miss Daisy for the under 12 set. :)

steffj89 said...

oh girl I am soooo with you. C has let mine drive at least one of our vehicles and I have suspicions about others...both of mine definitely know how to drive the tractor and T has threatened many a time to take it and find his daddy...there have been a few times I am tempted to throw a set of keys at him and tell him to have at it.

BTW saw your facebook...I need the patience tonight as well...and a few drinks wouldnt hurt either.

we soooo have to get together when I get home from Kansas!!!