Monday, July 6, 2009

head, shoulder, tickle bugs, and toes

Kev is the fun parent. He tickles the kids. He wrestles with them. He's always there when we do fun stuff. I'm the boring, always-there parent, who gets them dressed and fed and in the bed. The other night, I was quizzing Kady on body parts. I asked her what her shoulders, knees, etc., were named. She was doing great. Then, I showed her my fingers and asked what they were. She hesitated just a moment and said, "Ticklebugs!!" I guess I'm glad Kev's not the only one that has ticklebugs.


Jenn said...

hehehe... that is just really cute!

Mary said...

Let's hope she doesn't have to take an anatomy test anytime soon! lol

Rachel said...

Ali's neck is called "Neck Sugars". It's never just "neck".