Tuesday, May 5, 2009

random factoid #43 about me

[sigh] I guess I should go ahead and just get this out there. I feel like a fraud, keeping something like this from y'all. Here goes.

I have monkey arms.
There. I said it. Now, you all know that I have really, freakishly long arms. (They actually hang to my knees. . .) It comes in handy for reaching stuff. And playing basketball. Not so much for appearing cute and petite, etc. And if you attend a high school where they have this really random "shorts must be 2 inches below your fingertips", you're screwed. Like, scar you for life kinda screwed. It will make you wish you went to school in the next town over, where they have a much less arbitrary "2 inches above the knee" kinda rule for shorts. You might even grow up and enroll your child in that other school. . .just in case those things are inherited. Just sayin'.
If you don't mind, I would prefer we didn't have this conversation, got it? Carry on now.


Rachel said...


I went on a missions trip in high school and the rule was shorts had to go to your fingertips. . . mine touched my knees. I had no pair of shorts that did such thing, but went anyway, sweating that I'd get caught and humiliated. No one ever said anything, though, because I'm assuming that rule was only in place to have a measurement for those who were obviously breaking it, not those like me with unfortunate arms. :)