Tuesday, May 19, 2009

and there I go

I am absolutely, positively swamped. As in, I cannot stay afloat, and my eyeballs are sinking. Therefore, I only have time for a brief update. Yes, we're still alive and kicking in Arkansas. I'm sorry to disappoint and upset you all that I haven't been blogging much. : ) (What do you mean "you hadn't noticed"?!)

Kyler can hardly wait for school to be out. He's doing amazing this year and looking forward to spending the night with his teacher's son very soon. He's also looking forward to spending lots of guy time with Papa this summer.

Kady and Sissy had an unfortunate altercation involving one very highly coveted worm yesterday. It seems Kady is a worm thief and Sissy was not impressed. Luckily, Kyler was able to find a worm for each of them, and the crisis was over. (I told you the babysitter had a worm farm at her house!)

Last weekend, I had the kind of weekend that only childless couples take for granted. Kyler and most of the other boy cousins spent the night with Moo Moo. Kady spent the weekend with Nana and Papa. I spent the weekend with Kev. . .and his other woman. (Relax! His other woman has a wet nose, four legs, and part of a tail. Her name is Maddie, and I'll post pictures one of these days. . .) We went bowling and out to eat. I did his laundry and. . .well, that was it. It was heaven!! (For the record, my husband is the WORST bowler ever! He has a difficult time, as he says, "keeping his ball out of the ditch." It was hilarious. . .and then he kicked our tails at pool.)

We have a family reunion this weekend, where we look forward to seeing the not-so-crazy bunch of my family! I promise to try and post more often. . .even if you don't read, it's good for my sanity!!


Anonymous said...

Young lady, you don't have to keep rubbing it in that it's my side of the family that's nuts, you know! We both know it, so let's just say some of your family is nuts.... Love you,

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Mom, I think it's important to differentiate that at least one part of our family is "normal"-ish. I'm just glad we got the sane genes! (We did, right?!)

Anonymous said...

Of course we're the sane ones! It's those others out there that's crazy!!!

CC said...

I am so swamped too! I was at a two hour IEP tonight. And I had finished the eval just 10 minutes before the meeting began. Every day this week I have at least one very long meeting :( :(