Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the princess makes demands

Kev and I have recently started referring to our children as Stinky (the tall one) and Sticky (the short one). Both names seem to fit really well, so they may, well. . .stick (no pun intended).

Sticky recently spend the night with my mom. Mom (AKA Nana) put on a movie for Sticky. Nana told her that she would be in the next room and Sticky was to yell if she needed anything.

Nana worked quietly for a few minutes before she heard, "Nana, I nnnneeeeeeeedddd yyyyyooooouuuuu!!!!!!!!!"

"What do you need?"

"I need my milk," she said as she pointed to the nearby table. "It's right there."

Do you feel my pain?


okierivermama said...

LMBO....your sticky would get along well with my sweet skeeter...LOL

hey what is a good time to meet up this next week or so?

Berji's domain said...

and did Nana "fetch"?
my sweet little girl tried that precisely once with me... with her grandma though- wrapped and tied and velcroed on that little finger