Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the lowest of the low

You may have heard about a little ice storm that happened at the end of January/beginning of February. . .Well, there are still people in our area that do not have power. The electric company crews have been fabulous at getting everyone's power up and going as fast as they can. We have had crews from Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and probably a few other states here to help out, and we do appreciate the help! Well, most of us. . .This is just sorry. The only thing I can say is that Ozarks Electric is nicer than I would have been. I would have demanded these young men pay in some sort of way. And if you're reading this from Pennsylvania (of if you're African American or if we've offended you in any other way. . .), let me extend my deepest regrets and my sincere appreciation for all you've done to help our area. We are not all like this.

From the Madison County Record:

Visiting utility workers harassed
by Kyle MootyMadison County Record Editor

A group of out-of-state electric company workers helping restore power to Madison County residents were subjected to racial epithets and other forms of harassment while in the area on Saturday.

A portion of the 100-plus crew members on loan from Pennsylvania that were helping restore power in the Boston area were concerned enough to call for help at Ozarks Electric's Fayetteville headquarters. The Washington County Sheriff's Office was then notified, and subsequently the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

According to Madison County Sheriff Phillip Morgan, the Pennsylvania crew, which had split into about three groups, had between 30 or 40 African-American workers included in the 100.
"Some kids were driving around them, waving Rebel flags and mouthing to them," Morgan said. "They showed some weapons and were supposedly intoxicated."That's just not right for those people to treat them that way. Those people came down here from Pennsylvania to help us get electricity back on, leaving their families behind, and this is how they are treated. That's just wrong."

Captain Robert Boyd, Lt. Clay Rowland and Reserve Deputy Wayne Martin responded.

Ozarks Electric chose not to press charges against the boys.


Elizabeth said...

What?! Wow. Ignorance makes me so angry, and those boys should be held accountable for being such idiots. I hope their electricity stays off for a while.

ever mind, that's mean. But that story is still shocking.

Jenn said...


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Anonymous said...

#1 if the company cared for there workers they would have pressed charges.
#2 what the hell are kids be teached now days?
#3 where the parents notified?

Yes they should go without power for much longer. grrrr

crystal t

MoziEsmé said...

Truly is sad. I keep thinking we're past all that in our civilized nation...

steffj89 said...

you know rach,
its no wonder that half the time the rest of the country thinks our neck of the woods is a bunch of imbeciles. Between stuff like this na dthe tornado stories that go national with curler lady we look like we are all doing good if we have all our teeth and dress ourselves.
I am surprised they didnt press charges but there could be more to the story...