Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not exactly a match made in heaven

Kyler's class has been learning the art of writing letters. Each day, one child was chosen and everyone else wrote a letter to that student. When finished, the letters were bundled and sent home with the students. It was so much fun to read what each student wrote to my son. They ranged from the mundane:
Dear Kyler,
Do you like anims (animals)? Whel, I do do you. Kyler you are cool. I think you should which (watch) Old Yeler.


to the very sweet:
Dear Kyler,
I am so glad that you are in my class this year. What are you going to be when you grow up. I think you should be an artes (artist) when you grow up. You would be good. I think you should be famous because you are very smart.

Your Friend,

to the hilarious:
Dear Kyler,
I know we are the best artists in the class. But we shouldn't brag on our selfs. What are you going to be when you grow up? I think you should be a Artist Because that's what I'm going to be. What are you going to be if you don't do that? Are you going to make bibles? Do you like Mrs. [our teacher's name]? I think you should like her more. Have a great day.

Your friend,

and there's this one:
written in the most prim, neat handwriting you can imagine
Dear Kyler,
I know we don't always get along that well. Don't you like to read books about animals? I love writing poems I want to do some again! Do you like to write poems? If you don't you should because you can do a lot of writing and it's like practicing your handwriting. Poems are very, very fun to write. The 1 poem that you wrote about "We all scream for winter clothes" that poem is really good. Do you like math? I do because you can do adding, subtracting, and times tables and a lot of other things. You have been very good in class.

Your friend,

Hmm, after reading that last one, I can't imagine why my fun-loving, school-hating son doesn't always get along with her. . .Can you? And, please, no comments about how I would have been the last one when I was in school! : )


Jenn said...

Oh, those are great!!!

I agree, Kyler should be an artist when he grows up! Nobody can draw forks like that boy can!

Upstatemomof3 said...

Those are awesome!! Watch him grow up and marry that girl.

Debbie said...

Yeah, that last one sounds a little familiar to me too!

Amy said...

Those are the best and will be such great memories!