Monday, February 1, 2010

it's possible we're not in (ar)kansas anymore: when winter hits arkansas

Arkansas averages one good snowfall a year. To us, that means we get 1 or 2 inches of snow that the kids make (muddy, rocky) snowmen out of. This year, we've already had two good snowfalls, including last week's 7 (!) inches. A 7-inch snowfall all but REQUIRES everyone not using a walker to get out and play in it. Out came the boots, the snow suits, the gloves, the. . .WHERE ARE THE HATS? WHO HAS A HAT? WHERE DID YOUR HAT GO?!

My question to the more northern readers: How do y'all do this ALL winter long? Is it possible to surgically attach gloves or hats to children?

Kev drove more than 8 hours in ice and snow to see us. That's love. I'm not sure if it's love for me and the kids, his dog, or playing in the snow, but I'll take what I can get.

Sunday (since it was the blizzard of the year and church was cancelled--seriously.), Kev took the kids to his brother's house to sled. Sledding around here involves a 4wheeler, a rope, and something else. Sleds are SO optional. The guys sledded until they removed all snow AND grass from the ground. Not everyone can come home from sledding muddy. . .

My niece (possibly the smartest of the bunch) decided to build a snowman instead of being on the redneck-ride-of-death-and-dismemberment. Kady found the buttons she had "forgotten" on the snowman and returned them. Oops. I guess we need more practice at the snowman bit.


Anonymous said...

My poor kids have a mean mama who is also a wuss. They weren't allowed to play out in it. In my defense, we don't have proper clothing, and they both have been coughing like crazy for a week, I saw no reason to possibly add to the sick.

C wound up taking about 7 hours to drive the 70 miles to our house from my folks lake house Friday cause I kept texting him extra shopping list items

Rachel said...

So unfair. We get snow once a decade. We missed it this year.

CC said...

we get about 1 good snowfall each year as well. And then school is canceled, flights are canceled, and we all go play. This year our one snow fall only lasted a few hours before the rains came. :( But last year we were stuck in the house with 18 inches of snow!!!