Thursday, February 25, 2010

he doesn't know me

I hate to shop. OK, a random day at the Christian book store is fun, or maybe an occasional jaunt to Tar-jay. Generally speaking, I'd rather not spend my time shopping, especially if it involves driving large distances. Kev is working in Louisiana--Shreveport to be exact. He's about 8 hours away from us. We haven't seen him for several weeks. I will drive 8 hours to see him on Friday night and then return Sunday afternoon. (Kyler will go with me; Kady will stay with Nana.)

Yep, you read that right. I'm driving 16 hours to spend the weekend with my hubs. It gets better. He works all day Saturday, so that day is out. We'll get to see him Saturday night, but. . .Wait. It gets even better. . .They may work Sunday, too. He won't know until Saturday, and at that point, we'll already be there. . .Kev's response: "Well, come on down, and if I have to work, you can just spend the day shopping or something. . ."

Hello? Have we met? M E N ! ! !


Rachel said...

Bummer!!! Will he be done soon? I'd lose my mind if Chris were gone for a week, let alone several!!!

Rachel said...

...and, by the way, I'd be glad to shop for you. Nope, I wouldn't mind at all.

Bethany said...

I'm the worst shopper ever. I look at things and then refuse to buy anything because I'm cheap.

I hope your hubby gets the day off on Sunday. I feel sad for you. I actually prayed that he would. Maybe it seems silly but it's not to me. Either way enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Girl! i can sooo help with the shopping folding laundry...uh uh your on your

Debbie said...

They don't really pay that much attention. But it is sweet that they pretend:)