Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ordering the Truth Around. . .But Just a Little

Kady tends to be a little. . .bossy. Bless her heart, if she had been born first, Kyler would have never made it. Despite the 6 years he has on her, she bosses him around constantly!! This weekend, she was ordering Kyler around once again.

Finally, I called her over and asked her, “Kady, who is the boss?”

Kady: Mommy and Daddy

Me: That’s right. Kady, are you the boss?

Kady: Weeeellll, I is a little boss.

And that pretty well sums up her viewpoint on why she’s here. How do you argue with that?


Berji's domain said...

love it!
Our 3 yr old takes on our words and tone of voice to encourage her brother. It is somehow condescending and cute at the same time.

Rachel said...

I love the way their brains work! maybe you need to just make her the official boss of all of her stuffed animals...not that that'd work or anything, but it'd be fun to try.