Wednesday, December 30, 2009

when you know you should get out more

My guys spent the Saturday after Christmas hunting. . .because apparently there's a prize given for the hunter who spends the most time in the woods. That's the only reason I can figure my guys would go without sleep, warmth, and my pleasant company for so many days this past year. . .Kady and I decided to brave the insane crowds and do a little sale shopping. We went to the mall and a few surrounding stores and managed to score shoes, shoes, shoes, purse, and shoes. Obviously, it was a pleasant day.

We started off our shopping by having an early lunch at chik-fil-a, which Kady LOVED. Then, we found a parking space at JC Penney's and dug the stroller and assorted toddler paraphernalia out. Finally, we fought the insane crowds and started shopping. We navigated out of Penney's and through the mall, with Kady pointing out her to-do list as we went along.

"Mommy, I want to play there."

"Mama, I want to ride that."

"MOM! Let's go there!"

Somewhere through this magical journey that is the mall, Kady turned around in her stroller, looked up at me, and said, "Mom, this is the best store in the whole wide world. I love it!"

That's when it hit me.

Other than the disastrous trip to see Santa, Kady had never set foot in the mall. Oops. Definitely a parenting fail. . .


Anonymous said...

Nope Not a fail. Its knowing when to open yourself up to it. My kids dont make it to the mall all that often, the baby does, but when he gets a bit bigger and grabbier it will taper off again for a couple of years till I can get him in school. Its just knowing what can work for you and your toddler. I have discovered with this one, I am a bit of a germaphobe so we don;t go as much as i did with the other two.

Rachel said...


My parenting fail would be at the other end of the two year old spending so much time in the mall that, despite the fact that we have the biggest mall in the Southeast, she knows her way around it.


Julie said...

I don't see how that could possibly be a fail. When I was young my parents took in foster children. We once received a 6 year old that didn't know what a toothbrush was. THAT is a parenting fail!

And just think how special that "first" was to her because it was new and at an age where she could appreciate it. That's pretty cool I think. :)