Wednesday, December 9, 2009

rambling notes from my christmas card list

Hello, all. Welcome back. Where ya' been? Me? Well, I was on the brink of death from some no-name, pathetic little virus. Did I get sick with the "real" flu bug going around. Nope. I managed to get really, really sick from your everyday virus. I'm an over-achiever that way.

Moving on.

It's time to send out my Christmas cards! I always moan and groan about doing this. I complain about having to pick out a card, and gripe about the trouble of rounding up all the addresses. (I always need an address. My address book consists of a bundle of envelopes scavenged from last year's cards and tucked in my never-opened scrap booking tote. . .)

The truth is that I actually LIKE getting Christmas cards. It's fun to open the mailbox and see a note handwritten by someone you know (and usually like!). Unfortunately, I discovered last year that my mailman IS authorized to deliver something besides bills and junk mail. Heretofore, I had simply blamed him for my lack of written Yuletide Sentiments. . .After stumbling upon my mother's stash of cards, I learned the truth: my family and friends do know how to send cards and are sending cards. . .just not to me. (Hey, S, Mom got your card! It was SO cute. I wish I had gotten one after sending you one for ELEVEN years straight. . .)

Anyway, this year, my new motto is "you gotta send one to get one." I'll keep you updated as to the progress. However, if you've been here long, you know I like to break rules, so I've already added a few new people to the list. Utilizing the old and new list, here are a few observations thus far. . .

  • I am an eternal optimist. After years of knowing better, I will try for the "perfect" photo card EACH and EVERY year.
  • We can't take a decent family picture.
  • If you manage to get both kids looking at the camera, cover the bare feet, and hide (most of) the clutter, your camera will be out of focus.
  • In. Every. Photo. completely out of focus. . .
  • I know two people who live on Nottinghill. . .in different states.
  • I know one person on Bearberry, which is just downright fun to say.
  • My mailing region is rather small, even with the addition of 3 new states.
  • The coldest place my card will be travelling: Minnesota.
  • The warmest place: Texas or Alabama.
  • Of course, the idea of a Hog fan's Christmas card travelling to Crimson Tide country could cause catastrophic weather conditions. . .

Do you want to join in on the Christmas card fun? Just drop me an email (rlkendr at yahoo dot com) with your address. Now, I want to know your Christmas card traditions. . .


Rachel said...

Oh, you're ALMOST inspiring me to send out Christmas Cards.


Very nearly...almost.

Missy said...

The first year I was married I bought cards, filled them out, addressed them and then they sat in my house for two more years before I tossed them. So my tradition for Christmas cards is feeling guilty when I receive one b/c I don't ever send them out. It's a wonderful holiday tradition: guilt.

Mary said...

Yeah, I don't send out Christmas cards.... but I do send birthday cards. (If I remember.) Feels more personal to me I guess. I need to organize dates better.

Berji's domain said...

We only send cards when we have a "new addition" notice to send out as well. And we think Epiphany is a perfectly acceptable deadline. This is the first year we're doing a real photo card,but we don't do professional photos. We never have that poised, polished look. It just isn't us :) !

Debbie said...

Your list made me smile! Christmas cards are always a source of stress at my house.