Thursday, August 27, 2009

I might die

She types, moving one finger at a time, trying somehow to type without moving. . .Alas, movement is inevitable, yet pain filled. . .

Exercise Rule #4: Thou shalt not tell thy trainer it is time to "step it up."

My trainer, Lady of Death, tried to kill me yesterday. She offered promises of buns of steel, a shapely waist, skinny clothes, and cruises clad in swimsuits. I, however, was not misled. While completing lunges of acrobatic type and enough squats to kill a frog, I mentioned her hedonistic personality that had suddenly emerged. She laughed and muttered something about "10 more."

I would hunt her down and hurt her today, but it's almost time to take more ibuprofen. I am also busy trying to take back every bad thing I said about movie stars. They earn every penny they're paid. It's tough work being skinny, and I'm not even there yet! Quick, someone find me a stunt double before next week!

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Berji's domain said...

ha ha ha... when I got to the point of contemplating another 10km run, I suddenly felt ill and tired. Turns out getting pregnant is a good reason to slow it down (a little). Now I just lament looking fat- not pregnant. So step it up? Or get pregnant? which will it be? :)

Rachel said...


I feel for you.

Let me know if you need a trainer hit man. I'll help you find one.