Tuesday, August 25, 2009

random thoughts. . .please join in

  1. How can my brother and I be so different?
  2. Where did my summer go and why is work so busy? (A twofer)
  3. Will the Hogs have a winning year?
  4. Will Kyler have a good year of school?
  5. When will I win the lottery?
  6. Will I hit my goal weight?
  7. When will life slow down?
  8. How does one handle family strife in a "normal" family?
  9. How will I cope with the month of September with all the birthdays, etc., it brings? (Funny note: accidentally typed Septembeer--Freudian slip?)
  10. Will we ever get our house ready to sell?

So, what's up with you?

It's been awhile since we had a giveaway. Let's say one lucky commenter will recieve a goody bag that has yet to be constructed. Just comment and I'll draw a number on Friday, August 28th, around noon CST. You do not need to have a blog--you can leave a comment annonymously, but make sure I can contact you somehow.


Elizabeth said...

These are some good questions. . .

I am nothing like my sisters, so I can't help you with that one. My husband is always asking when he's going to win the lottery. Septembeer sounds pretty good to me!

steffj89 said...

the same way my sister and i were raised on diff planets it just happens

ummmm summer went on a road trip(or two)

HOGS- better than average
lets hope all of em have a good year of school

hmmmi dont know i dont play lottery

i wont hit my goal weight but you might hit yours

life slows down??

what is a normal family?
we handle it by him going back to work

with lots of beer?

yes the house will be ready to sell 6 months after you are in the new house

lol staying busy...saw has started crawling and i had forgotten what childproofing was...LMAO

"G" said...

My brothers and I are from entirely differently planets.. I used to think I was adopted.. I buy lottery tickets every chance I get and someday.....

I have never known a normal family, except on TV.. the Cleavers..

Love lots of beer!

Geaux Tigers!!! :)

Berji's domain said...

My brothers and I are pretty different. And then DH and I had our daughter and whoa... where did her personality come from? An extrovert with two introverted parents. God likes to laugh I think.

It is still summer here. I don't care if schools have started, it is still 100+ weather= summer.

Unfortunately, to be the voice of reality, your odds for the lottery aren't very good. Probably should back the Hogs instead (not that I know or follow that sport/team). :)

I keep waiting for my life to slow down and be normal- hasn't happened yet.

Please enjoy a beer for me in September (and now too,if you like), the Wee One would prefer it if I didn't indulge quite yet.

Wheelie said...

A give-away? Gosh, the thought horrifies me as a Yorkshireman :)

Life doesn't slow down, it just gets more interesting. I mean, seriously interesting. Having two twenties and an early tween, I wouldn't have it any other way.

How do you deal with strife in a 'normal' family? Cook. It's hard for them to sulk when their eating something gorgeous and different. Take it from a man who knows, I've made my other half cry with my cooking. I think that's good. I think. :)

September is Thanksgiving. Only earlier.