Friday, July 18, 2008

tulsa zoo

Last weekend we took Kyler and Kady to the zoo in Tulsa. MooMoo and Jerrel went with us. It was really HOT, but we had fun. Kev and I took turns chasing kids and taking pics. Here are some of the better pics.

I'm obviously not very good with this blog with pictures thing, so I apologize in advance!! We saw the sea lion show. It was HOT but good.

Yours truly with Kady and MooMoo outside the Rainforest exhibit.

Kyler (or Indiana Jones, as he prefers to be called) and Kevin's frog pic (I was impressed.).

Kevin and Kady check out elephants and a rhino that I thought was way too close.

The lion really wanted back in his den (can't say as I blame him. . .). Don't lions live on the plains of Africa? What happened to his heat tolerance? : )