Tuesday, July 22, 2008

alone again. . .

Kevin went back to work today. He will be working close to Conway (not to far, at least). Kyler cried and I cried and even Kady cried. . .It will all be ok, however. It was great having him home while we did, and we look forward to seeing him on Sundays over the next few months.

In a totally unrelated post: My cousin's 14 yo son was killed day before yesterday. They live towards Stuttgart. I wish everyone would keep them in your prayers. I can not imagine the pain of losing a child. The fear almost paralyzes me.

Ok, on a much more light-hearted note. . .Does anyone know where I can get a school supply list? Wal-mart is out and I haven't found it on the school website. . .my child will be the only child with no school supplies. . .how pathetic is his mama?

Hope everyone is doing well. . .love to all.


rachel kendrick said...

got the school supply list--yea me!!

Erica said...

I'm so sorry your hubby is gone again. I bet you and the kids really miss him. I said a prayer for you today! Hang in there! You are a VERY strong Mamma to tackle all of this by yourself while he's away!!!