Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, I can!

Kady is now using the potty. (Yay, us!) She does great at the baby-sitter's house, but it is more difficult when we are out and about. We make a huge deal when she goes potty in a public restroom, because she doesn't want to use a strange potty. (Neither do I, but I digress.) She thinks the u-shaped toilet seat is broken. (Ours are full-circle seats at our house.) She thinks public restrooms are loud, and she says that there are "monsters" in the toilets. Therefore, we do lots of cheering when we are successful.

It seems to have caught on. Now, Kady cheers for me when I go potty. She throws up her arms, jumps in the air, and yells, "Yay, Mommy!" She says it like it's my biggest accomplishment of the day. . .and sometimes it just might be. . .


Anonymous said...


I know the feeling. Here is our story:
Family(parents and in laws and siblings) dinner out to eat.
Meghan: Mommy I have to pee pee.
Me: Okay lets go but we have to be really quite.

On the way back from using the potty about to sit down to eat again:
Meghan: I went potty and so did Mommy. Yeah Mommy. ( at top of her lungs)

I wanted to die. Everyone else thought it was so funny.

Crystal T

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Poopy is a popular topic today. Or should I say.... poopular?

My whole post was devoted to it too.

Elizabeth said...

I laughed out loud!! Hey, we all need a cheering squad, right?

steffj89 said...

was in target with both the older boys last summer and went to the bathroom...K shouts loudly....are you making stinky poopies mama???
please let me just fall thru the toilet? please????