Monday, April 6, 2009

timely advice

You know when you're sitting in church and you just know, I mean, you really KNOW that perhaps the message is for YOU? I had that Sunday. Let me tell you a little about Friday night first. When we got home (after a VERY long day of work), I had to go to the bathroom. Usually, I have to kick everyone out, but this time, they went off to play (Hint #1 that this was going to be a rough night). When I came out, the noises were coming from the utility room. . .and they weren't quiet (hint #2). Kady was IN the dryer with one of those big water cooler water bottles and couldn't get out (hint #3). She had placed toothpaste in my brand new washing machine (let's just stop counting the hints, shall we?). She had knocked the bottle of color-safe bleach onto the floor and it had run all over the floor, including up under the washing machine. Let's just say the day was, um, trying.

Sunday arrives cold and windy. I manage to get both kids to church on time (sometimes a HUGE accomplishment!). Our pastor had a family emergency, so the associate pastor had been called on to give the sermon late Saturday night. His sermon? Sometimes you just want to take your kids to the zoo and leave them, but you still love them. If you can love your kids (even when they're horrible) that much, how much more does God love you? (Matthew 7:11)

OK, God, I got it. . .for now. Please feel free to remind me, because we both know I need frequent reminders!


Debbie said...

My biggest pet peeve - the sermon is USUALLY for me:)

Berji's domain said...

but what a good lesson, eh?
did you feel like you had a flashing neon arrow over your head during the service with "this one's for you" on it? :)

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Just had a conversation with a friend who's ahead of us in the parenting journey. They're now enjoying their grandkids.

Here's what he said,

"When raising the kids gets tough, here's my advice: Let them live. That's it. Let them live. Someday they'll give you grandkids."

Loved it. And hopefully I can apply it. ;)