Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You remember that new (used) truck I mentioned in the last post? We've been driving it quite a bit. The kids love riding in the big, tall pick up. The other night, Kev drove the kids home in his new truck, and I attempted to drive the large, impossible-to-see-behind-you work truck. (If I met you on the road, I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure I took my half of the road out of the middle.) Anyway, Kady asked Kev if she could have the truck when she got big. She said she wanted to drive the truck and get a boyfriend. . .I'm pretty sure his heart jumped a beat or two. . .He bargained with her, saying, "How about if you take the truck and DON'T have a boyfriend?" She agreed, "OK, I'll just marry you, Daddy." And he is now OFFICIALLY wrapped around that little girl's finger.


Rachel said...

Awwwww!!! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL she and Tanner would get along well. He is constantly on the lookout for "new" trucks. The thing we get a kick out of though is he keeps telling Chris he wants him to buy him a black truck....so he can paint it blue. Chris asked why he couldnt just buy a blue truck and tanner looked at him like he was crazy. Then said, " but then I wouldnt need to paint it."