Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's all about the smell

Kevin bought a new (used) truck. He bought it to drive when he's home, so he's not having to drive his work truck. He also graciously allows his wife to drive it. . .occasionally. Tuesday, I had a low tire on my car, so we all jumped in the truck and took off to town. On the way home, Kady sniffed really loudly and announced, "I like Daddy's truck--it smells GOOD!" It must be the vanilla air freshener my macho husband hung. . .personally, I thought it smelled like a public bathroom air freshener. Don't tell Kev.


Berji's domain said...

maybe they don't use those in the men's room so he didn't associate the smell?

steffj89 said...

LOL hey do they need any more weldor's on the job hes on....C has got to find a real job!!!!

CC said...

I've always wondered what the "new car smell" little trees smell like. You could try that next! ;)