Friday, May 21, 2010

We R Redneck, edition 562

Through this blog, I've slowly allowed myself to accept the idea that I am, in fact, redneck. (You might remember THIS post. . .) Kevin has always readily admitted his redneck tendencies, which he has passed willingly and purposefully to our children. Want proof? In language arts, Kyler has been studying parts of speech. His teacher had them make a mobile of sorts in which the students named nouns. Kyler had the following nouns listed.

  • His best friend
  • Michael Waddell, a professional hunter who appears in most hunting videos that Kyler has watched
  • tree stand
  • the local tire shop
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • tom turkey
  • coon

Kev is way more proud of this than I am. I am wondering where I went wrong. . .


CC said...

bwhahahahaha! my son wouldn't know what any of those things are! He would have listed "soccer ball, Darth Vader, and light saber". ;)

Anonymous said...

Keifers current fascination is fishing so his would have been Daddy, boat, trot line, catfish, anchor, snake, and gun.

I am not sure, the watching hunting videos takes some of the redneck out of it doesnt it? Cause I know chris would say he doesnt need any stinkin' videos he knows how to hunt....LOL

at least he didnt mention body fluids, skinning a mmama catfish, marking territory or some of the other decidedly redneck male things that seem to rear their ugly head around here 3 or 4 times a day.
I guarantee my second could not write a list of anything without including the word poop.

Rachel said...

Wow...that's impressive.

Bethany said...

That is awesome. Pretty sure that my kids would like names of WWE wrestlers and Buffalo Bills. Does that make us redneck or just low class?

Jenn said...

Beth's probably would have been "frog,tadpole, wart, pond, toad."