Friday, November 13, 2009

nothin' much. and you?

Life is busy, and these are my random updates.

I am still trying to get down to my cruise weight. I'm pleased to announce, 10 more pounds, and I am CRUISE bound!! I tried a new workout last night. It's called Zumba. (Search it on youtube, if you're unfamiliar. Be assured that I looked nothing like that.) It's great if you have rhythm or coordination or hips that move. Unfortunately, I don't. I spent one hour and ten minutes attempting to not knock anyone down. I succeeded but just barely.

I will be attending a conference next week. I will be spending Wednesday through Sunday in New Orleans! This will only be my second flight (seriously), so pray that I arrive safely, please. Also, pray that Kyler and Kady behave, stay safe, and stay healthy while I am gone. There's nothing so nerve-wracking as being a mother and being away from your babies.

My long-awaited niece arrived last Wednesday. Miss M is here, and I still haven't managed to see her! I am certainly going to try to see that girl this weekend. In fact, other than cleaning house and packing for my trip, that's all that's on my to-do list. How about yours? Oh, and you can bet I'll be at least listening to the Razorbacks.

Go, Hogs, go!! Beat Troy!


Rachel said...

Have fun flying! I don't do it often either, but I LOVE it.

Wheelie said...

'Planes go up, go along a bit, and come down. If it's the coming down bit that worries you, don't. They all do that.


CC said...

Have a great time!!!! I went to ASHA in DC when I was in grad school on the east coast. Haven't been since then. Waiting for it to be in Seattle or somewhere in the NW.

2nd time on a plane only???? My 4 year old has been on about 35 plane rides!!! ;)