Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Power of the Crown

I was once the Beef Princess. I've blogged about it before and even included a picture on here before. . .it was a long time ago, and about the only thing currently useful about thar distinction I'd the crown Kady gets to play with.

Moving on.

Today was Kady's day to bring something for show and tell. She very carefully and proudly took my crown, trophy, and a newspaper clipping to show the kids.

Then, after I picked Kady up, I made a phone call to my bank. I guess Kady thought I needed a little help with my request, because in the background Kady was saying, "tell them you're the beef princess!!". Then, in a little sigh and a voice full of hope, I heard, "I wish I could be the beef princess." I only wish that crown held as much power as she thinks it does. . .

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