Thursday, April 21, 2011

The princess can handle it

Kady has always been more prissy and girly than I've ever dreamed of being. The child thinks pink is the only acceptable color. I've often wondered if this "princess attitude" would hamper her ability to be independent. I feel much better after last weekend's events.

Kady was in the bathroom, getting ready for church, when I heard the most high-pitched, girly scream you can imagine.

"augh!! A spider!!"

This was quickly followed by her very practical, no nonsense statement of "what should I whack it with.". She then proceeded to kill the attack spider with my sneaker. You know, I'm thinking a child that can kill her own spiders is going to be ok in the world. : )

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Chef Penny said...

I would say she is going to be fine. Lol