Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RIP Ellie

Item # 387, 423 "they" didn't tell you about before you had children:

Kady attended an awesome birthday party this weekend. It had a circus theme complete with a jump house and clowns. The clowns provided face painting and balloon animals (none of that scary clown stuff!). Kady chose a balloon elephant, which miraculously did not get popped. If this had been Kyler's balloon, he would have popped it within five minutes, had a minor meltdown, and moved on. Kady on the other hand, has named her elephant. She even tucks him in under a blankie each night.

Last night, we noticed Ellie (the balloon elephant) was slowly dying. . .or deflating for those of you still in the real world. Poor Ellie is suffering a slow, horrible death, which is traumatizing my daughter. She wakes up and immediately checks to see how Ellie is doing. We get home, and she determines how much more air Ellie has left. Unfortunately, Ellie is on his last breath (forgive the pun), and there's nothing this mama can do. . .unless someone can teach me how to make a balloon elephant in the next 12-48 hours. . .